The college is completing its 50 years this year. In our glorious history of serving the cause of offering higher education, we acknowledge the dedicated contribution on teachers who have worked tirelessly to raise the institute to its present high stature. We have as a result been a prominent presence in the spheres of art, culture, science and have contributed to development of scientific temper.

principalEstablished as far back in time as 1963 in the very centre of Dibrugarh town, Dibru College with its faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce Faculties is not just a prominent education institute in Assam, but in North East India as a whole! The college today offers as many as 12 subjects to major in out of the 21 that are taught here. We have been identified as a Biotechnology hub by the Government of India as well.

Dibru College has received a grant from the Department on Science and Technology, and recently also been conferred another grant from the Government of Assam for magazine, excursion, and the games and sports departments. The college’s contribution in the academic empowerment of disadvantaged students of the area is notable as well. With countless students enrolled in our institute, they have received mental catharsis and academic empowerment, but also taken with them the prestige and acknowledged capability in the spheres of Science, Politics and Education.


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